Hi! I'm Leslie.

I'm excited to help you make the most of your online presence.

Whether you're in job transition and looking for a cost-effective, do-it-yourself training program, or you're looking to attract new clients and build your pipeline properly, I'm here to help.

I know LinkedIn can be overwhelming and frustrating. You may feel overwhelmed with where to start, or what to do next; I've been where you're at.

I also know that LinkedIn is THE most powerful tools in your toolkit. Go ahead and Google your name right now, I bet LinkedIn is one of the highest-ranked sites.

Making a strong first impression online matters A LOT. Based on that first impression, people are deciding whether or not they want to hire you, or work with you.

• How trustworthy is your first impression?
• Have you highlighted who you are, what you do and how you help?
• Are you afraid that if you make a mistake using LinkedIn, that you'll do serious harm to your career?

You're not alone.
Through LinkedIn Profile Writing, LinkedIn Training, Keynotes, my book (and more!), I've helped hundreds of people stand in their value and tell their story.

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