for women in financial services

A 4-module, video-based, proven framework designed to help you build your book of business.

Women who work in the financial services industry have unique challenges:

In an often male-dominated industry, you've had to learn how to stand in your value, become a strong leader and a subject-matter expert - all while still being "approachable".

  • You're building your pipeline to grow your business (while maintaining relationships and preventing attrition).
  • You're juggling to manage the "back office" administrative tasks you need to do on a daily basis (including marketing).

    Whether you're just starting out, or you're looking to build your book of business - I'm here to help.


You're not spending enough time to spend with your current clients:

28% of advisors say they do not have enough time to spend with clients and spend an average of 41% more time each month than their peers on non-value-added tasks, such as compliance and administrative duties. (Source: JD Power & Associates)

You're tasked with addressing technology in a digital-first world.

Robo-advisors, or app-based investment platforms are now managing $460 billion in assets under management (AUM) growing to to $1.2 trillion by 2024.

 How can you compete with these "bots"? Provide a human experience while leveraging techology.
(Source: Investopedia)

You're a female leader in a male-dominated industry:

Finding the right kind of communication style involves balance.

You strive to inspire and lead without being considered "too bossy".

Networking. Networking. Networking

It's time-consuming and exhausting.

Even the most outgoing extrovert can feel frustrated and overwhelmed with making new connections.

Raise your hand if...

• You love to solve problems and help people.  

• You're ambitious and want to build a strong book of business, but you don't know how to promote yourself without feeling like you're bragging or spamming your network.  

But, when it comes to sales and marketing, you're often just "winging it". 

You feel that staying on top of everything is overwhelming, especially in a very competitive market.



For Smart Women in Financial Services 

A 4-module, video-based sales & marketing program that is designed to help you make more money.


Set the Stage for Success

• Goal setting.
• What's the ROI of YOU?
• Define (or redefine) your target market.
• Clarify your dream client's path to purchase.


Build your Fortune Funnel

• Find & connect with your dream clients using LinkedIn.
• Master the art of persuasion.
• Follow up formula.
• The easiest ways to obtain testimonials. 


Dominate your Niche

• Create content in minutes using ChatGPT and Canva.
• Hack the social media algorithms
• Measuring your metrics and KPIs.


Solidify and Scale Your Business

• Grow your dough - putting it all together.
• What's the future of the financial services industry?


Stand out with your brand out.

Get clarity on your UNIQUE value and what makes you - YOU?

We'll dive deep into what sets you apart in the sea of sameness.


A step-by-step framework that strategically guides prospects from awareness to loyal customers, optimizing each stage for maximum engagement and conversion.


Feel confident that you're using the world's largest professional networking site - properly.

We'll build your profile, connect with your dream clients and have you dominating your niche in no time!

How does this program work?

  • Each of the 4 modules are designed to help you "level up" - whether you're just starting out, or you have been in business for years.
  • Learn at your own pace. Review all the material in one day, or take time to review it throughout the week. 
  • You'll also receive "done-for-you" swipe files, resources, and templates.   
  • You will have access to a private, member-only site. 
  • Each Tuesday - for 4 weeks - we will check in together for weekly Office Hour Mastermind sessions to ensure you're on track.  
  • PLUS... You will get access to bonus masterclasses and advanced trainings.

    You are a lifetime member of the Elite Money-Making Masterclass group, and can re-log into access the training - at any time.

But wait...there's more! 

Bonus #1: Personalized Mentorship (value $1,500) 
You'll receive one-on-one coaching from me, Leslie Hughes. I'll be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and provide you with feedback to ensure your plan is on-track.

Bonus #2: A Free 20-Minute LinkedIn Profile Audit: (value $500) - Limited Availability
In addition to the comprehensive LinkedIn training - limited to the first 10 learners in the program - I will provide you with personalized feedback, tips and best practices to optimize your digital presence.

Bonus #3: Connect With a A Powerful Like-Minded Community: 
You'll join an online network of inspirational, motivational peers who are passionate about taking their profits to the next level.

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training:
You'll be able to download worksheets, cut & paste copy, templates and scripts - ALL the tools you need to create a winning prospecting system.

Step Into The Future: 
You'll learn how to tools like ChatGPT, Canva, and other Artificial Intelligence platforms to streamline your marketing efforts, enhance client engagement, and position yourself as a tech-savvy leader in the financial industry. 

Converting only ONE new client will deliver on the ROI on your investment - guaranteed!

This program is specifically designed for anyone who is generating revenue and building business including:









This is a "do it at your own pace" kind of program:
Watch the video modules, and take action throughout the week, then join the Masterclass for weekly Office Hours:

Office Hours:

Module #1. Setting the stage for success.

Module #2. Building your fortune funnel..

Module #3. Dominating your niche.

Module #4. Scaling and solidifying your business.

Who teaches the Elite Money-Making Masterclass?

Hi, I'm Leslie.

I'm here to ignite your professional journey with confidence and empowerment.

As a seasoned LinkedIn Profile Writer, Corporate Trainer, Social Media Strategist, and the proud author of "CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT", I blend my 25+ years of sales and marketing experience with my passion to reshape your online narrative - whether you're looking for new opportunities and/or driving profitability.  

Since 2009, I've worked with clients such as Investment Planning Counsel, JLL (Jones Lang Lasalle), Franklin Templeton, RBC and Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to help them PUNCH up their online presence and convert higher paying clients.

I've been featured on:

"I highly recommended this course for anyone who wants to learn how to get more leads into their sales funnel.

 It's easy to understand, and full of practical and valuable information you can implement right away!"

Carrie Wilson
Senior Manager, Mortgage Specialist

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The Elite Money-Making Masterclass will help you:

  • Get crystal-clear on how to stand out with your brand out. What makes you different, unique and remarkable?  We will uncover who you TRULY serve (the answer isn't "everyone"), so you can stop wasting time and energy on the wrong kinds of prospective clients.
  • Learn the EASY ways to use LinkedIn for networking, building an audience of connections and ultimately convert your DREAM clients.
  • Sell without being too "sales-y". We will re-frame the sales pitch into ways you can naturally connect with your network by building trust and rapport.
  • Find innovative ways you can increase your pipeline by sharing compliance-approved content that resonates with your perfect clients.

    ...even if you have NO tech "know-how"

"Leslie's energy and passion is inspiring. I'm impressed by her in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and personal branding.

Investing in this course will be invaluable for your professional growth."  

Denise Rispolie
Senior Transaction Manager, Corporate Real Estate

Imagine how you'll feel when your sales & marketing is focused on building:




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Investment is $1,500 USD

Remember: Converting only ONE client will deliver the ROI of this course!

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